Virtual Taboo Veronica Leal

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You’re the pervy stepbrother of an 18 year old Russian blonde schoolgirl, and you don’t have any problems about reading through her diary while shes in the shower, masturbating. It only gets better when you see that she fantasizes about having two men at once. Luckily, your male friend is sleeping in the next room. Time to wake him up and make this girl’s sexy fantasy a reality!

Snitches Get Bitches

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You’ve been incarcerated for years and miss your young latina girlfriend so much…especially her tight little body. So you decide to snitch on your partners in crime, and you’re rewarded with the guard letting your sweetheart inside the pen for 30 minutes. You know how you’re going to spend your brief time together! Sure you will get stitches for snitches, but who cares when bitches for snitches come first?!

Soothing Secretary VR

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Your sexy secretary is very caring. When she tells you some bad news about a contract that your company failed to win, she can’t stand to see your glum face. She knows what will cheer you up – spreading her legs and giving you a view of her perfect pussy, then unzipping your pants and sucking on your stiff cock before letting you pound her until you’ve forgotten the bad news alltogether!